Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fear blog

Id like to think of myself as quite a tough guy... But there is one thing that just scares the living crap out of me. I can just imagine one hanging from the ceiling slowly skulking up on me with its gangly legs dangling beaming at me with all eight of its eyes. Waiting for me to turn away so it can sink its disgusting fangs into my neck. In the case that you havent figured out what i am talking about by now i am refering to spiders. Those horrific creatures that get into the corners of everything and just wait for you to go to sleep before they feed on you! Carriers of all nasty diseases and who knows what else. Spiders plan on killing off the entire human race, they cant stand our bug spray and vaccuum cleaners. In texas, spiders have actually been working to together in massive numbers to capture trees and great expanses. In one case they captured a wooded about the size of a football field. The spiders team up and make webs close together and turn the entire tree white. The webs are so thick and strong that small deer and other small game has been seen dead, caught up in the webbing of these deviant creatures. Spiders are capable of anything and everything they can get into any crevice and range in many sizes which makes it so hard to tell where they are and whether or not you are about to be vicously murdered by one. I have been deathly afraid of them ever since my dad trapped me in our old shed when i was about 10. This was no ordinary shed though, it was located in a place, although no one knows how, that was dark 24/7. Absolutely no life of any sort grew around it or went near it. I once saw a squirrel wander to close just one time and i swear to god it burst into flames before being sucked into the shed! This structure was of no human doing but some sort of unnatural artifice. So naturally when my dad proceded to lock me in there I was scared for my life. I was stuck inside of this shed it was pitch black and i couldn't see anything. I began walking around very carefully making sure to hold my hands out in front of me for fear of running into some horrible creature. As i walked spider web upon web kept hitting me and getting on me. Before long i could feel little itches and tickles up and down my back and on my arms as though tiny, furry little things were moving along my skin. I began to yell and shout and jump continually with every step hitting more webs and the tiny animals against my skin moving faster and faster with my every step. I somehow found my way back to the shed door and began to bang and bang on the web covered wood. All I could hear was my dad laughing and saying your fine. My screaming intensified as one of the spiders crawled its way up to my neck and another planted itself into my hair. My dad soon realized that i was undergoing immense fear and finally proceeded to open the door. I crashed onto the ground completely covered in webbing my dad began to hit the spiders crawling up and down my person. I then began to rip of my clothes and got off the ground and ran inside to the bathroom my father following close behind. I got into the shower as fast as i could and started to scrub as fast as i could working tirelessly to get the cobwebs out of my hair. I swear I was in the shower for an hour before i was satisfied and i then went straight to my room and passed out. That is what spawned my fear of spiders and that god awful shed. I have to this day a severe hatred for spiders and all things that they resemble, and of course the creepy shed.